Sustainability in scaffolding made easy: build pallets from your stock material

Sustainability in scaffolding made easy: build pallets from your stock material

Whether it's recyclable materials like wood, photovoltaic cells in façades or space-saving construction - it's quite clear that sustainability is also one of THE topics of recent years in the construction industry. Of course, this also applies to scaffolding, because it is indispensable wherever building and renovation is concerned. And with clever scaffolding solutions, you too can make your work a lot more sustainable and cost-efficient. Because if you have to replace fewer scaffolding material or have less of it lying around unused in your yard, you ultimately save money.

But let's start from the beginning: What is this "sustainable scaffolding solution" actually supposed to be? Don't worry, it has nothing to do with ledgers made of recycled plastic or a return to good old wooden scaffolding. Rather, it's about the fact that you can use one scaffolding component for different purposes. In other words, economic sustainability. Some time ago, for example, we introduced you to our adapter for intermediate ledgers, with which you can easily breathe new life into your standard ledgers.

You can apply the same principle to the transport and storage of your scaffolding material. And doesn’t it make perfect sense to use the scaffolding material that has to be taken to the construction site anyway as a transport palette? Our modular pallet solution makes this very easy. Read here how it works.

Modular pallet made of your stock material

Transporting your scaffolding material safely and efficiently to the construction site can be a challenge. The fact that you need extra parts to stow your scaffolding material is actually common practice. After all, this way each part arrives at its place of use in an orderly fashion. But isn't there a better and more sustainable way? Especially when it comes to transport, saving space and weight is the key to saving money.

So our technical team set out to develop a solution that allows you to build space-saving pallets with just a few extra parts and mainly from your stock material. The result is our new modular pallet.



With only two additional posts, you can make a stable pallet out of the scaffolding material that you want to take to the construction site anyway. Simply set up the posts on the left and right, install your normal ledgers with tube support, module ledgers or decking ledgers, put in decking if necessary and you're done. And it doesn't matter whether you want to transport or store ledgers or decking planks or simply need a simple stacking frame. You can easily adapt the modular pallet to the dimensions you need and assemble pallets up to 3 metres long. This gives you a solution for a wide range of applications.

Our modular range is particularly sustainable because you can simply reuse the scaffolding material that you already have in stock. And not just for transport or storage, but also for the project itself. In our product animation of the modular pallet, we have visually depicted your different possibilities:



For more information on our sustainable scaffolding solutions, please contact our team or take a look at our current price list.



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