The multi-talent for the big bridging jobs – and that without any tensioning belts

This roof does not only carry the name – it really is a multi-talent: enormous span widths, almost every possible length, no tensioning belts needed, compatible with almost every cassette system, can also be fitted parallel with Keder tarpaulin, few new parts, rest from existing RINGSCAFF material, smart support possibilities, K-Frame also suitable for highly stable bridging solutions ….

The secret behind our MULTI-ROOF is the extremely form-fitting and load-bearing K-Frame component. Although relatively compact when regarded individually, its strength and stability really comes into play when it is bolted down. It is even possible to dispense with tensioning belts with span widths of 40 m.

MULTI-ROOF can be attached to any scaffolding system, but structurally it belongs to the RINGSCAFF family. Advantage: RINGSCAFF material that is already in stock and available can be used for the cross ledgers and diagonals or for the walkway extension.

Together with the corresponding end sections, the K-Frames can also be used for extremely high load-bearing bridging systems. Pedestrians can then use the bridge and even an entire scaffold can be attached on top.

The MULTI-ROOF has support rails that enable the simultaneous use of conventional roof cassettes – e.g. from the ALU-RASANT system – and Keder tarpaulins. This means that gaps between individual roof sections can be flexibly closed with a tarpaulin.

Span width Span widths over 40 m possible, no tensioning belts necessary
Stability Extremely stable thanks to form-fitting and load-bearing connections
Roof elements Can be fitted parallel with both cassettes and Keder tarpaulin
Sustainability Cross ledgers and diagonal braces from already existing RINGSCAFF material can be used
Further information Our SMART-DETAILS brochures, approvals and technical info can be found in the Download Center, animations can be found here at VIMEO.


There are 2 support possibilities for the frame sections:

- Double U-shaped support, coupled to the supporting structure’s scaffolding standards.
The bay length of 2.50 m is fixed in this respect.

- HE-B girder, irrespective of the supporting structure’s bay lengths.

When HE-B girders are used on the supporting scaffold, the exact positioning of the frame sections in the longitudinal direction of the scaffolding can be freely selected, enabling the supporting structure to be positioned irrespective of the bay lengths.

The frame elements can be moved over the HE-B girder to any position on the supporting scaffold with the help of roller units – without needing cranes. This means that all pre-mounted frame elements can be lowered into optimal positions and then pushed from there.


The core component of the MULTI-ROOF – the K-Frame – is also suitable for high load-bearing bridging applications e.g. when entire scaffold systems are constructed above it or when pedestrian bridges need to be implemented.