Keder roof

Simple assembly, easy storage

Enclosures including roofing are requirements increasingly being confronted by scaffolders. But not everyone puts such “silverware” in the form of voluminous roof systems directly into stock. And that is where our Keder roof takes up the challenge: flexible and easy to assemble but still being resilient and stable, the system opens up completely new opportunities for extending one’s range of offerings.


The Keder roof light is a system that is simple to assemble and one which can be fitted onto conventional scaffolding. The individual segments consist of as many as three roof sections firmly connected with one another that are pre-assembled on the ground and then conveniently lifted and lowered into position by crane.


The segments are positioned on the scaffold sections with a gap of one roof bay width on each occasion. The Keder tarpaulin is then attached over the entire roof and gap sections. There are special tarpaulins for the roof gable sides.

Roof shape

Pent or gable roof


HD tarpaulin, 100 kg/m² load, can be walked across, UV-stabilised and permeable to light.

Span widths

Up to 10 m as pent roof with 75 kg/m² snow or wind load.
Up to 15 m as gable roof (18° roof inclination) with 75 kg/m² snow or wind load.
Up to 20 m as gable roof (18° roof inclination) without any snow load or with tensioning belt up to 25 kg/m² snow load.

Pre-mounted roof elements with 10 m roof length and up to 20 m roof width are below 1,500 kg crane weight. The transport weight and the transport volumes are only about 33% in comparison to conventional cassette roof systems.

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