Double Post

When testing our new safety products, the robust Double Post was the favourite of many participating scaffold users!

This system envisages a second post that is mounted parallel to the outer standard of the façade scaffolding. It is attached by means of a welded-on semi-coupler. In the upper area there are two mounting points for principal guardrails and a tube connector at the end. The length of the post is two metres and the fitting is always offset by one metre in height from the actual vertical tube. A principal guardrail is hooked into the post before it is fitted and finally locked in place. The vertical frames of the next level mean that the guardrails cannot be removed without the use of tools. The solution can be used for all bay lengths as well as on the inside of the scaffolding.

  • Robust
  • Easy Handling
  • Remains throughout the entire standing time of the scaffold
  • After fitting, no guardrail removal possible without the use of tools (= definitive guardrail)
  • Suitable for outside/inside of scaffold as well as front section or at scaffold corners
  • Performance record: TRBS costs transparent