Scaffolding for new clinic building in Velbert

Scaffolding for new 6-storey clinic building in Velbert

Thelen Gerüstbau GmbH provided 13,500 sqm of SUPER-100 material from Scafom-rux for the new building of the Helios Clinic in Velbert (Photo: Thelen Gerüstbau / Scafom-rux)


A new 6-storey building is currently being constructed on the site of the Helios Klinikum Niederberg in Velbert, North Rhine-Westphalia, which will not only expand patient care with a contemporary and ultra-modern building, but also completely restructure it with newly available 33,000 square metres. During the entire construction phase, which is scheduled to last until the end of 2023, the clinic, which has been at the site for around 45 years, will continue to operate without interruption.

The developer is Vamed AG, a company based in Austria that specialises in the medical sector and focuses on the planning, construction and operation of healthcare facilities.

The contract for the scaffolding work was awarded to the young Thelen Gerüstbau GmbH from Essen, a specialised company that had been founded only a few months before the foundation stone was laid for the clinic. But this does not mean that it did not have enough experience, because Thelen Gerüstbau GmbH belongs to the renowned Thelen Group, which employs more than 6,000 people in 70 associated companies in the fields of planning, construction and management of buildings.

With so much network power behind them, the project was a challenge that Managing Director Andreas Credo and his 9 employees were able to face calmly. The SUPER 100 facade scaffolding system from the Hagen-based manufacturer Scafom-rux, including 30 brackets, was used for the working and protective scaffolding planned by Thelen and covering almost 13,500 m2. In addition, a stair tower was erected for optimal and comfortable access. The project went so smoothly on the part of the scaffolding professionals that when Thelen Gerüstbau was asked about any special challenges worth reporting in connection with the construction site, they just shrugged their shoulders. Instead, the good cooperation with all those involved was highly praised.

The scaffolding's service life began in July 2021 and is expected to last until July 2022. And the team from Thelen Gerüstbau is already looking forward to plenty more smooth projects.


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