Roof renovation with over 1,300 sqm modular roof

The individual MULTI-ROOF trusses were pre-assembled on the ground and then placed in the final roof position by a 300 t crane. Except for the outer truss shown here, all the following ones could even be craned with preassembled cassettes. (Photo: Scafom-rux)

Roof renovation with over 1,300 sqm modular roof

In the Munich district of Bogenhausen, an extensive flat roof renovation is currently being carried out on a multi-storey residential building.
The company Kraft Gerüste GmbH, which has already made a good name for itself in the Munich area, is responsible for the complete scaffolding. The company, which was taken over by the two current managing directors Fabian Pfuhl and Andi Schmidt and their staff in 2018, has been in existence since 1986. In addition to facade and special scaffolding of all kinds, one of the main focuses is the erection of weather protection roofs in a wide range of dimensions.

For the roofing required here, with an area of 1,364 square metres, the MULTI-ROOF system from the German manufacturer Scafom-rux was used for the first time. This system is characterised by the fact that it can freely bridge large spans - in this case almost 40 m - without having to use tension bands. The support was realised with a total of 1,044 sqm of W09 facade scaffolding. In addition, 1,181 sqm of W06 facade scaffolding was erected. The Multi-Roof could be pre-assembled successively in a total of seven segments on the ground before it was hoisted girder by girder directly to the positions of use. The original plan of placing the trusses on the part of the roof closest to the crane and then rolling them over the HEB supports to the correct positions was prepared, but did not come to fruition because the 300 t truck-mounted crane then had the entire roof area "under control". This was despite the fact that there were only a few potential positioning points due to the dense tree cover around the building.

For the calculated wind shear forces on the structurally free-standing 4-storey building, eyebolts with increased strength were used at the anchor points. To brace the load-bearing scaffold structures, 456 m of vertical lattice girders and 500 additional tubes were installed.

For Kraft Gerüste, the MULTI-ROOF premiere was a success and they would not hesitate to use the roof system again for other projects of this size. Especially the compatibility with common scaffolding and cassette systems and the high span width made it an optimal choice.

The building owner was the homeowners' association, bharchitektengesellschaft mbh was in charge of the execution, and the structural analysis was calculated by the engineering office Speer from Karlsruhe.

The MULTI-ROOF roof system was predestined for the weather protection scaffolding erected by Kraft Gerüste GmbH in Munich-Bogenhausen due to its large span width and compatibility. (Photo: Scafom-rux)

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