Optineo - new landmark in Munich's district Werksviertel

The 67 meter high Scafom-rux stair tower at the new landmark of the Munich district Werkviertel

67 meter high scaffold and stair tower used for material loading and as second escape route

On a 39-hectare site near Munich's Ostbahnhof station - the so-called Werksviertel - a modern, future-oriented quarter is currently being built with a mix of residential development, offices, concert hall, hotels and restaurants. This mixed-use development is being complemented by a sophisticated infrastructure and a wide range of leisure facilities. It is intended to become a quarter that offers a high quality of stay and combines living and working in a pleasant way. One of the outstanding properties in the Werksviertel is the Optineo. This building is being constructed on the site of the former Optimol-Werke company, once the world market leader for high-performance lubricants. The name of the building ensemble is based on the name of the company. Optineo is a mixture of Optimum and néos and is intended to associate the interplay of history and future. In partnership between the owner family, the office for urban development Wöhr und Bauer and the architect Nieto Sobejano, a project was initiated that, according to the architect, "offers a great opportunity to create a landmark in the Werksviertel district that upholds the historical memories of the site, offers excellence in office design and creates a vibrant public space." The 65-meter tower in particular, but also the unusual shape of the building, the green roof terraces and the light-reflecting façade lend the Munich Werksviertel district radiance beyond the city.

The property, which was started in 2019, is to become the new headquarters of a Munich-based company from 2023, which secured the location at an early stage with a long-term lease agreement. Office space with a spacious working environment will then be available on 17 floors. Sustainability is also a key issue for this property. There are 450 parking spaces available for employees and visitors.

For the scaffolding company Krämer from Walpertskirchen, where the company is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, this object not only has a special appeal,
but also represents a major challenge in terms of the scaffolding work required. A 67-meter-high scaffold and stair tower on the already completed facade was needed for two purposes: On the one hand, it served to feed the building with materials for the interior finishing work, and on the other hand, it formed the prescribed 2nd escape route during the construction phase. The scaffold structure was scheduled to remain in place for a total of 50 weeks. Gerüstbau Krämer, a user of Scafom-rux products since the company was founded, also used scaffolding systems from the Hagen-based manufacturer for this project. Namely, the RINGSCAFF modular scaffold in combination with the Scafom-rux stair tower system. Especially for such a project with a wide variety of requirements, the systems used demand a high degree of safety and flexibility. Confined conditions on site, the freshly completed facade of the modern building and, last but not least, the difficult anchoring possibilities are just a few of the special challenges that Florian Krämer, owner and managing director of Gerüstbau Krämer, was confronted with. The four scaffold erectors on site were supported by a GEDA BL 2000 TWN elevator, which was also used by other trades for the transport of materials and tools during the 50-week standstill period. The major challenge for anchoring the scaffold structure was that, due to the already completed façade, the anchor points could only be set in the interior, namely on the floor slabs. For this purpose, Gerüstbau Krämer specially designed a special steel structure that met the static requirements.

The safety requirements stipulated by the client and the unconditional adherence to deadlines also meant special, albeit solvable, demands for Gerüstbau Krämer. After all, they are part of the company's mission statement, as can be read on its homepage: "Krämer Gerüstbau GmbH stands for maximum safety and After all, they are part of the company's mission statement, as can be read on its homepage: "Krämer Gerüstbau GmbH stands for maximum safety and quality." A company philosophy that is very important in this trade and justifies the trust of clients at all times. In recent years, Florian Krämer has focused o n special and custom scaffolding in addition to standard scaffolding solutions. In the greater Munich area, he has thus established himself as a competent scaffolding partner. However, the company has not only made a name for itself in this region, but also nationwide in the fields of special scaffolding, custom parts manufacturing and the construction of temporary noise and dust protection solutions.

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