New Berlin residential development completely scaffolded

Almost 6,000 sqm SUPER-100 material was provided by Haubitz GmbH for a new residential construction site in Berlin. (Photo: Scafom-rux)

New Berlin residential development completely scaffolded

According to figures from the Brandenburg Office of Statistics, Berlin is the largest city in the European Union in terms of population (not including politically independent suburbs). At just over 4,000 inhabitants per square kilometre, the population density is nowhere near as high as that of Barcelona (16,000) or Paris (20,000). This is certainly also due to the fact that there are many residential areas with 1- or 2-family houses within the city limits. A new building site is currently being developed by Laxtec Systembau GmbH from Rangsdorf. It comprises 17 semi-detached houses and 3 larger single-family houses and is located north-east of the Berlin-Brandenburg airport.

Haubitz Gerüstbau Aufzugs- und Elektrotechnik GmbH is responsible for the scaffolding of the buildings during construction. Approx. 6,000 sqm have been provided with SUPER-100 scaffolding, brackets and accessory material from the German manufacturer Scafom-rux since September 2021. The material was partly used free-standing for erecting the facades and then served as roof safety scaffolding.

A special challenge on construction sites of this kind is, of course, always the "clash" of the most diverse trades, each of which naturally has its own ideas about the priority of its own tasks, but Steven Haubitz, responsible for scaffolding in the family business, praised the cooperation between the players, even if - in his words - "it could sometimes get hectic". The short distances, also in coordination with the client's site manager, ensured smooth communication and always left room to react professionally to spontaneous requirements immediately.

In terms of scaffolding, there were no problems, because Haubitz has been working exclusively with Scafom-rux scaffolding since 2016 and knows about the advantages of the metre-wide SUPER 100 façade system. In the end, there is once again a successful project that perfectly reflects the principle of the Haubitz company: "The bottom line has to be right for everyone".

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