ALU-RASANT – rock solid and proven

Although on the market for some time now, it is still our most successful roof and wall system. Building sites can be optimally covered with the combination out of lattice girders, roof cassettes and bracing elements. Span widths of up to 40 m can be easily accomplished.

The cassette system ALU-RASANT has proven itself in innumerable practical applications: historic buildings, motorway bridges or industrial facilities are just a few examples of its versatile use. And by the way: the cassettes can also be fitted vertically as a wall structure.

Ergonomics and simple handling were primary requirements in the development of the cassette system e.g. the cassette roof can be opened at any point in just a few simple steps – important for material supply.

Span width up to 40 m
Roof elements Aluminium cassettes, ridge elements, skylight cassettes, exit cassettes
Further information Our SMART-DETAILS brochures, approvals and technical info can be found in the Download Center, animations can be found here at VIMEO.

Product features

  • Compatible with many façade and modular scaffolds
  • Up to 35 % lighter cassette elements than in conventional systems
  • Span width up to 40 m
  • Lattice girder up to 1.00 m installation height for high resilience
  • Cassettes can be used as roof or wall elements
  • Comprehensive range of accessories