TRBS 2121 at a glance

There are now so many ideas on the subject of TRBS 2121 that it is easy to lose track of them all. We have summarised our solutions for you in a handy brochure (download here). The practical Quick Check table makes it easier to decide on your preferred system.

Mounting Safety Guardrail (MSG) for existing scaffolding systems

MSG Basic Set

The simplest solution that scafom-rux has to offer is the so-called MSG Basic Set. It comprises a special component, the MSG aluminium bracket, which in combination with existing system components such as guardrail posts and principal guardrails, enables a TRBS-compliant solution. In other words, this MSG bracket represents the minimum level of investment required. It can be used for all bay lengths and can be fitted without any tools. It is simply hooked into the upper area of a vertical frame where is serves as a holder for the guardrail post. The MSG bracket is the ideal solution for transport and storage as it requires very little space.

MSG Extension Set

The MSG Extension Set is based on the same principle, but has a few more advantages. The Set consists of the MSG bracket and a special aluminium post in combination with the standard principal guardrails, which every scaffolder already has in stock anyway. The main advantage of this solution is the special aluminium guardrail post. This lightweight component makes assembly considerably easier. In addition, the holder for the guardrails is designed in such a way that the assembly and disassembly of the guardrails can be carried out much faster. This TRBS-compliant solution is likewise suitable for all bay lengths. No tools are required for assembly and disassembly.

MSG Standard Set

From the solutions represented here, the MSG Standard Set is the preferred choice in terms of the speed of assembly, an aspect that should always be paramount to economically-minded entrepreneurs. This is because the return on the higher investment outlay is very quickly achieved thanks to time savings in assembly. The MSG Standard Set offers the MSG bracket and guardrail post as a single component part, the MSG guardrail post. This element is combined with a telescopic principal guardrail. This has the great advantage that the complete unit can be moved one level higher without having to dismantle the guardrails. This considerably reduces the time required compared to other solutions with MSG brackets. The MSG Standard Set is available for bay lengths of 2.50 m and 3.0 m.

MSG Universal Post

The MSG Universal Post offers probably the greatest flexibility among the TRBS products presented by scafom-rux. Here, the designers have succeeded in creating a solution that enables the scaffolder to carry out assembly in accordance with the regulations, regardless of which system is used. The MSG Universal Post can be applied in almost all scaffolding systems. This does not only pertain to the company's own systems such as Super, Super-Öse, Framescaff, Ringscaff and Variant, but also to all conventional systems from other suppliers. The functionality of the MSG Universal Post is based on the same principle as the MSG Standard Set. It is simply hooked into the vertical shaft of a frame in façade scaffolding or modular scaffolding and fastened there with no additional tools being required. Combined with telescopic principal guardrails for bay lengths of 2.50 m or 3.0 m, the scaffolder has a flexible and universal TRBS-compliant solution.

MSG Framescaff Set

Scafom-rux offers an exclusive MSG Framescaff Set for Framescafffacade scaffolding and compatible systems. It comprises an MSG bracket adapted to the Framescaff system in combination with a Framescaff guardrail post. The advantage is that Framescaff users can also use their own system guardrails. This means that similar to the MSG bracket mentioned earlier, the investment outlay is kept to a minimum. Further, very little space is required for transport and storage. This system can also be used for all bay lengths.

All the solutions presented so far can be continually assembled and disassembled during scaffold erection. In other words, they do not remain in the scaffold while it is standing and can be used for other projects. All the MSG solutions presented by scafom-rux are designed to keep the investment required to comply with TRBS requirements as low as possible and, in addition, to ensure that all previously procured scaffolding parts can continue to be used.

Advanced Guardrail Systems

The developers at scafom-rux presented a second category of TRBS-compliant solutions besides the MSG solutions. These are designs that ensure the prescribed safety standards on the top level during scaffold erection and which are not dismantled again. They remain permanently installed for the service life of the scaffolding and are to some extent a component part of the scaffolding structure. In this context they are also referred to as definitive guardrails. The main advantage is much faster scaffold assembly since the elements are fitted during the erection process and (partially) replace other scaffolding elements. However, the investment required is considerably higher than when deciding in favour of an MSG solution.


Double Post

This system envisages a second post that is mounted parallel to the outer standard of the façade scaffolding. It is attached by means of a welded-on semi-coupler. In the upper area there are two mounting points for principal guardrails and a tube connector at the end. The length of the post is two metres and the fitting is always offset by one metre in height from the actual vertical tube. A principal guardrail is hooked into the post before it is fitted and finally locked in place. The vertical frames of the next level mean that the guardrails cannot be removed without the use of tools. The solution can be used for all bay lengths as well as on the inside of the scaffolding.

Advanced Safety Guardrail

The Advance Safety Guardrail is the second alternative in the category of advanced guardrail systems. It comprises a frame-like aluminium structure that already includes the three-part side protection i.e. toe board and intermediate guardrail as well as the principal guardrail. The entire element is assembled in one operation by hooking it into the two vertical tubes of a scaffolding bay before the scaffold decking is fitted on the outside. The vertical frame and the outer decking then inserted ensure that the entire structure is secured against lifting and thus serves as a three-part side protection – which can no longer be removed – during the entire service life of the scaffolding.

The Advanced Safety Guardrail by scafom-rux is available for bay lengths of 2.50 m and 3.00 m. It is a very efficient solution in terms of assembly as it can be fitted extremely quickly in just a few steps. The light weight of just 11 kg in the 2.50 m version is an additional benefit in this respect.

Even though this solution is associated with corresponding capital expenditure, a mid-term return on investment calculation is worthwhile. The purchase costs for the Advanced Safety Guardrail on the one hand would need to be offset against the procurement expense for two principal guardrails and a toe board on the other hand as well as the time saved for assembly. Not to be forgotten, however, is the considerably larger space requirement for storage and transport. A major advantage in favour of this solution is that the purchase price comprises a high degree of safety and the certainty of erecting TRBS-compliant scaffolding. Incidentally, scafom-rux offers an analogous solution for the front end of the scaffolding.


The scaffolding system SUPER-RS 360 represents a “discontinued” system. It is a symbiosis of SUPER scaffolding, RINGCAFF modular scaffolding and some new component parts. These new elements replace the classic vertical frame and consist of inner standards, outer standards, decking ledgers and retainers. Many parts from the SUPER scaffolding such as decks, guardrails, toe boards, diagonals and brackets can continue to be used without any limitations. The inner and outer standards are each provided with a RINGCAFF-compatible perforated ring to accommodate the decking ledgers. During assembly, the outer standards protrude into the next level and combined with a principal guardrail offer the necessary degree of safety required by the TRBS. The guardrail remains in the scaffolding and cannot be removed. A disadvantage compared to the frame scaffold SUPER 65/100 is that the static values are lower.