For a quick on-the-spot estimate? No problem whatsoever with our APP!

Who doesn’t know the situation: an impromptu enquiry and the customer is located along the way, so drive over quickly and have a look at the situation. Then the typical question: “Well, what sort of price can I expect?”

You will always have the answer right in your pocket: namely your smartphone with our scaffold APP. This enables you to quickly calculate the parts needed for a façade or modular scaffolding as well as stair towers. A few seconds later the customer has a general idea of the cost and you already have a rough parts list. You could even email us this list directly and make an order out of it. Ingenious, isn’t it?

But it even gets better than this: you can access approval documents, technical details and manuals on our website with the APP. Our animations are also available there. You can even read our news there if you ever get a free 5 minutes to do so. And the very best thing? Of course, it is free of charge!

So it is probably a good idea to surf straight over to the store and download the scaffold APP!

Here you can directly access the Android-App and it is this way directly to the iOS-App (iPhone + iPad).

Rent instead of buy

Scafom-rux rental GmbH is the first address whenever it is a case of covering peak demands or obtaining special parts or finding clever alternatives to purchasing material.