Sustainable planning of scaffolding projects – efficient and intuitive

When you can, you plan scaffolding on a beer mat. However, if you want to do it more effectively, then you plan scaffolding with intelligent yet intuitive software. This system works with original scafom-rux parts and even defines a complete parts list at the end of the planning. The system can be updated at any time with just a few mouse clicks. And that is when the beer mat idea starts again from scratch!



Intuitive scaffold planning, easy to learn, original scaffold parts



Complete or modular: from planning and storage to invoicing


Scafom-rux APP

Not just when you are out and about: quick on-the-spot estimates, document centre, news

Rent instead of buy

Scafom-rux rental GmbH is the first address whenever it is a case of covering peak demands or obtaining special parts or finding clever alternatives to purchasing material.