We do not wish to persuade you, but to convince you. That is why we have our promotional packs for example. Here you can simply have the original parts from our current promotional campaigns sent to you or have them brought to you by your responsible scafom-rux field force staff member. Just send a short email to with your address, business sector and the desired promotional pack.

The only downside: the subsequent series parts are not nearly so nicely packaged ……

The following promotional packs are currently available:

  • Base jack 60 cm
  • BB-coupler with rapid-fastening screw
  • SCAFFGUARD scaffold cladding
  • K++ stickers, proof of ownership
  • VA steel permanent anchor
  • Wand/Ceiling coupler

Smart details Great solutions

Promotional pack so you know what you’re getting! Simply request and be convinced.


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RUX Rental is the first address whenever it is a case of covering peak demands or obtaining special parts or finding clever alternatives to purchasing material.

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