Stair tower

Fits for every scaffolding

The ascent in and up a scaffold has moved forward. The driving force behind this move has particularly been aspects such as safety, convenience and efficiency. scafom-rux can supply the entire range from ascent frames and front-mounted stair towers to emergency stairway towers.

RINGSCAFF stair towers can be used as a front-mounted stair tower solution for any scaffolding system. RINGSCAFF can also be applied as an emergency stairway in connection with the universal stair stringer.

Aluminium platform stairway Width 60 cm, exchangeable head section for tube hook-up, U-saped hook-up or SUPER pins, bay length 2.50 m or 2.57, bay height 2.00 m
Stahl site stairway Width 84 cm, tube hook-up, bay length 2.00 m or 2.07 m, bay height 2,00 m, standard diagonals as handrails
Universal stair stringer Variable width depending on deck, stair incline for 3 m bay lengths, steel decks 29 cm or 32 cm, for 2/5/8/11 steps
Further information Our SMART-DETAILS brochures, approvals and technical info can be found in the Download Center, animations can be found here at VIMEO.


  • Slim stairway solution with 60 cm width
  • Also usable with SUPER façade scaffolding thanks to exchangeable head section


  • Extremely economic
  • Only special part: the stairway itself
  • Otherwise, only standard parts fitted
  • Handrails out of diagonals
  • Animation


  • Variable Aufstiegsbreite, da Systembeläge als Stufen genutzt werden
  • Special handrails enable it to be used as a publicly accessible emergency stairway
  • Entire bridging structures feasible
  • Animation