Modular scaffolding

Flexible birdcage scaffolding for complex structures - ideal for Industrial applications

In principle, a modular scaffolding can do everything that a façade scaffolding can. The “frameless” individual-part design with vertical standards as well as horizontal and diagonal ledgers means that the assembly involves more small parts but it is more flexible than the façade system. The scafom-rux modular scaffolding system can really underline its strengths whenever it is a case of higher load-bearing capacities or complex scaffolding jobs e.g. in the industrial sector or customised solutions (working platforms, passageways, support structures, shoring – e.g. in shipbuilding). As the name would suggest: the almost-always screw-free fitting modules can be supplemented, removed or even modified piece for piece – mostly during ongoing operations. Scaffolding just cannot be any more flexible than this!


RINGSCAFF modular scaffolding

The perfect modular scaffolding: safe - efficient – statically outstanding


RINGSCAFF stair tower

Safety from top to bottom – irrespective of whether it is an emergency or site stairway


RINGSCAFF system girder

For the perfect connection of modular and façade scaffolding

Rent instead of buy

Scafom-rux rental GmbH is the first address whenever it is a case of covering peak demands or obtaining special parts or finding clever alternatives to purchasing material.