HD 24-7G, the nimble all-rounder - easy transport, easy operation

With the HD 24-7G, the 12th man is available to your team on site. No more awkward vertical transport from floor to floor and hand to hand, but effective site logistics in a manageable format. Easy operation included.


  • Minimal space requirement even when assembled
  • Easy to manoeuvre and transport by almost any vehicle
  • Highest reliability and maximum ease of operation even for inexperienced personnel
  • All functions fully hydraulic
  • No anchoring necessary
  • Lightning-fast assembly/disassembly/conversion; therefore extremely flexible in use on construction sites
  • Particularly low dead weight (750 kg to 1,300 kg - depending on equipment)
  • Powered by powerful electric and/or petrol motors
  • Payload 200 kg with scaffold platform at carriage speeds of up to 48 m/min (petrol drive)