The innovative façade scaffolding

Our new FRAMESCAFF system is aligned to the 07 dimension and is therefore compatible with those façade scaffolding systems that are frequently used.

New basic parts, combined with a simple, self-aligning assembly concept make this system one that will guarantee commercial success.

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Standard frame width 0.73 / 1.00 m
Standard frame height 2.00 m
Bay length Up to 4.00 m
Use Façade scaffolding
Industrial applications
Weather protection solutions
Approval Z-8.1-924
Further information Our SMART-DETAILS brochures, approvals and technical info can be found in the Download Center, animations can be found here at VIMEO.

Product features

  • 07 dimension
  • Compatible and versatile
  • Simple handling
  • Various deck types can be used
  • Low weigth
  • Self-aligning assembly