Out of sight …

As an entry barrier or protection for passers-by during big demolition jobs, Scaffplank is an alternative that can hardly be beaten from an economic point of view: since the main parts – namely the planks – are already in the scaffold user’s stock!

The core component of the system is the special scafom-rux I-girder out of hot-galvanised steel. Stable standard scaffold planks, system-free decks or elements from other panel systems up to a thickness of 5 cm can be simply inserted between two of these guide rails.
Panel / Plank thickness up to 5 cm
Compatibility Couplers that fit scaffold and standards with a tube diameter of 48.3 mm
Sustainability Planks that are in stock can be used
Further information Our SMART-DETAILS brochures, approvals and technical info can be found in the Download Center, animations can be found here at VIMEO.