Safety technology

Safe, safe, safe – of course!

Protection is not only important for one’s own workforce, but for all the trades to follow, the immediate vicinity and for passers-by. Many possible hazards can be alleviated from the outset with the right sense of responsibility.


Fall protection saves lives – and it is becoming mandatory for an ever-increasing number of applications. We have the approved PSA hardware in our range. This combines to a well-rounded offer together with our regularly-recurring height rescue seminars and corresponding testing schedules.


Sharp edges and dangerous corners can be clearly marked with some simple aids or be entirely covered and enclosed.

We have compiled some details, prices and ideas in our SMART DETAILS brochure "Accessories".

Rent instead of buy

Scafom-rux rental GmbH is the first address whenever it is a case of covering peak demands or obtaining special parts or finding clever alternatives to purchasing material.