Safe as per TRBS 2121! Economic as per scafom-rux!

Besides being economic, safety has always been the most important issue in scaffolding. However, the general framework conditions applying have become a whole lot more stringent pursuant to the new TRBS 2121 (Technical Regulations on Industrial safety).

scafom-rux offers new products that do not only make scaffolding safer but also keep it economic.


The assembly safety guardrail (abbreviated: MSG) – also referred to as preceding guardrail – is used to create a fall protection system in the respective uppermost level of a scaffolding during assembly before the scaffolder accesses it. In other words, the fall protection system has to be fitted with a minimum of effort from the scaffolding level directly below that is already equipped with the three-piece side protection – overhead so to speak!

We meet this challenge with only two simple-to-fit elements: a guardrail post in combination with a telescopic guardrail. Both parts are entirely out of aluminium, together weigh just 5.9 kg and can be completely fitted by a single person without the need for any tools. Thanks to the telescopic design of the guardrail, it can remain attached to the guardrail post when the scaffolding moves upwards while at the same time offering universal application in various, also non-metric, bay lengths. Our animation film makes this even clearer.


Whereas the MSG has always to be fitted and dismounted during scaffold assembly, the safety guardrail remains in the fully completed scaffolding as a fixed component element. It is similarly out of aluminium, weighs just 11 kg and can be fitted in just one easy movement by just one person from the level directly below. The component element already comprises the three-piece side protection and requires no additional toe boards or guardrails.


The front sections of the scaffolding are secured by a so-called safety front guardrail. This element is entirely out of steel and already comprises the mandatory three-piece side protection i.e. handrail (upper guardrail), knee guardrail and toe board. It can also be used in combination with the assembly safety guardrail (MSG).


The new aluminium lattice girder 1,000 can be perfectly used for all scaffolding with a metric dimension thanks to its specific geometry. The lattice girder can be coupled with standards at an interval of 50 cm on account of its optimised connection points. This grid dimension can also be kept when several girders are applied. In this respect the advantages of the welded-on tube connector come fully into play.


The weatherproof, printable/writeable plastic sign is attached at all access points to the scaffolding (on horizontal ledgers or guardrails) and serves as an approval notice and user plan for the scaffolding and carries the required warning signs on its reverse side. As long as data is missing, the tag “scaffolding off-limits” remains in place and unmistakably signals that no one is allowed to enter the scaffolding. Technical information can be found here.