HAGEN SCAFFOLD FORUM 2023 - a short review

Wow, what a show!

An absolute record number of visitors, a motivated team of Ruxians and co-exhibitors, a great show program, including the "official scaffolders' song" by Olaf Henning, lots of food and drinks and, of course, product innovations at their best - this HAGENER GERÜST-FORUM was finally an event highlight of a special kind once again. Here is our review including a film to immerse yourself once again in the western atmosphere of our forum town "Pioneer Creek".

Wow... what a week is behind us! This forum has really surpassed everything. We were able to experience something extraordinary over 4 days! With over 4,000 registered participants from around 1,000 scaffold-using companies and over 50 new innovations presented, the records of the previous Scaffold Forums were broken.

The motto of this year's Hagen Scaffold Forum was "Great Western Trail - Path of Possibilities". And it was precisely these new possibilities that we wanted to discover together with our visitors at the forum. And there was a lot to discover; the gigantic Western surrounding alone, erected for the most part by our own employees, was so rich in detail that even after four days you could still find decorative elements that amazed even Forum icons like our jokester Sheriff Schorsch. But the technical sector was not neglected either: A whole 21 products were shown in a live presentation and put to the test for evaluation by the audience via questionnaire. In addition, 30 further innovations awaited the interested scaffolding professionals in the showroom.

The highlights of the new solutions presented by Managing Director Marco Hiby and Technical Manager Jochen Gebauer included the further developed, dissolved SUPER-RS facade scaffold, the TRBS2121-compliant XGR1 folding guardrail and the RINGSCAFF Sky suspended scaffold, which is to be used primarily for bridge renovations. In addition, a new RINGSCAFF modular stair tower was presented, which scores among other things with its effective impact sound insulation.

The SUPER-RS scaffold system has been further improved in terms of compatibility and handling. It is now not only possible to continue using SUPER, FRAMESCAFF and tube decks as well as brackets from existing frame scaffold stocks, but also the guardrails from SUPER, FRAMESCAFF and compatible systems can continue to be used with the new SUPER-RS. During the approval process, we made sure that the new system can also be used in conjunction with frame systems from a wide range of suppliers - for example, the compatibility of the 39 mm tube connectors makes it possible to continue erecting with SUPER-RS standards on scaffold levels already completed with conventional frames - another important economic argument in the case of a step-by-step system transition. The guardrail mounting by means of a tilting pin has also been optimized to the extent that the guardrails are secured against falling out by means of a new geometry and can optionally be mounted so as to be removable or protected against removal.

Users who want to keep their frame and modular scaffolds vital without having to switch to a new system right away could flirt with the XGR1 folding guardrail in the variant for SUPER, FRAMESCAFF or RINGSCAFF scaffolds. This guardrail replaces the back guardrail and knee rail in the scaffold bay and can be installed in a flash with a folding movement from the position below to then remain in the scaffold for the entire standing time.

A folding technique - albeit horizontal - is also used in the RINGSCAFF Sky, which is essentially an extension of the RINGSCAFF system consisting of only three new components. This allows platforms suspended under bridges, for example, to be extended step by step from a secured position by folding out the lattice girders attached to special joints and fitting them with decking without the need for daring climbing maneuvers to attach a new outer lattice girder each time. In addition to safety, the time saved during installation was also emphasized here.

The new RINGSCAFF stair tower has several new features that facilitate assembly and improve use. The stair stringers, available in a wide variety of lengths, have a new product geometry, and the railings, which can be used left/right independently, as well as the gap covers and other protective measures comply with the specifications for use as an emergency stair tower. Finally, the support of the stair coverings has also been designed in such a way that impact noise has been almost completely eliminated.

In addition, of course, there were plenty of partner exhibitors - tools, advertising materials, structural engineering office, associations, financing, elevators or the live version of our online store Gerüst-Welt.de and the RUX rental, which invited to informative stroll on Main Street, as well as technical info sessions and workshops in the afternoon ...

Whew, a lot of input that hit the guests, but then came the relaxed part: American food of various kinds at its best and finally the country/southern rock-influenced show program with the ingenious Forum band Nightliners and the mega singers Joshville and Ina Krabes, who heated everyone up mightily.

Friday and Saturday continued with the premiere of the new "scaffolder song" by Olaf Henning, embedded in his best-known hits. The singer, who has sold over 5 million records, has been one of Germany's hit stars for decades and has rewritten his best-known song "Cowboy und Indianer" into a tailor-made scaffolder song, video and MP3 at hoehenfreak.de. Still not enough? Curtain up for Rednex and the Hermes House Band ... needless to say that the hall was boiling and the cell phone cameras were glowing.

Anything else forgotten? Yes: children's treasure hunt, mine blasting, fire show, our hairdresser Norbert "The Dancing Barber", archery, photo box, juggling, walking band ... there was always something going on.

We would like to thank all visitors and partners from the bottom of our hearts who joined us in Hagen and made this year's Hagen Scaffold Forum what it ultimately was! "STRONGER TOGETHER." in real life! This event will definitely be remembered by everyone involved for a long time to come! Now it is up to us to take the knowledge gained from it and implement it in order to provide users with products that make a real difference in their day-to-day work!